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About Amy Queen

Amy Queen is an impressionist painter who sculpts landscapes, portraits, and still lifes two-dimensionally with oil paint. Her love of light and color frees her to recreate objects with vibrant colors and vibrating light patterns.

Because of this love, she has studied with renowned artists Dawn Whitelaw and Anne Templeton. Amy's art is currently being featured in several galleries across the southeastern United States.

Amy is originally from North Carolina. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to study art. After graduating from David Lipscomb University with a degree in Graphic Design, she decided to stay in Nashville for some time to enjoy the beautiful landscape around it, taking occasional trips to North Carolina for painting excursions. She recently was able to move back to her native North Carolina and now calls Statesville her home.

Amy now paints for individuals and businesses, specializing in framed, ready-to-hang art as well as striking wall murals. Some of her work is displayed on the sample page. See her contact page for more information on reaching Amy to discuss your needs.



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